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 Match 1

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

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 Match 2

Kid Q vs Stéphan

 Match 3

Kid Q vs Joey

 Tag Team Match

KidQ and Tarzan vs Joey and Stéphan

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Tagteam Match

Kid Q and Tarzan vs Joey and Stephan

Kid Q and Tarzan really want to prove they are the toughest ones in this matchup. Stephan suffers first, then Joey at the hands of both of these musclehunks. Joey suffers a big full nelson at the hands of the Kid. Stephan seems to now hold his own against the Kid. There are lots of tags in this one with no one guy dominating. Joey is a fine wrestler and knows a lot of holds. Tarzan puts Stephan out with a huge headlock. Kid Q almost snaps Joey's back with a bearhug that nearly puts him out. Tarzan puts the lifeless Joey in a figure 4 then puts him out with a headscissors (he holds Joey until he's almost out, and then smashes on his abs to wake him up, then tightens the hold until he's out, then does it again and again). He's tosses the lifeless Joey to the side and drags in Stephan for he and Kid Q to work over. Kid Q dominates Joey with a nerve hold, and Tarzan destroys Stephan with a head scissors, chinlock and sleeper. Our hunks show their stuff in this awesome video. Lots of submission holds. Great view.

 Kid Q and Tarzan

 Joey and Stéphan

The two smaller wrestlers are in control at the start of the match. Joey with a...

 ...head lock...while Stéphan gives Kid Q some trouble of his own.

 Tarzan turns the tables by applying a long held and devastating head lock on poor Stéphan...The two take turns beating up their opponents... The Kid Bear Hug poor Joey for a long, long time.

 Then the Kid takes on Stéphan and starts to teach him another lesson in how to punish your opponent!

 Tarzan tries out his new leg buster on hapless Joey.