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 Match 1

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

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 Match 2

Kid Q vs Stéphan

 Match 3

Kid Q vs Joey

 Tag Team Match

KidQ and Tarzan vs Joey and Stéphan

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Match #2

Kid Q vs. Stéphan

Kid Q has an astounding presence on this tape. We love the Kid because he is total beefcake, he's a really hot looking guy, he uses him muscles in his power holds that he holds onto forever, and he loves to pose for the camera as he inflicts his torture. He starts right in on Stephan with an armbar, then a camel clutch sleeper, and Stephan is weakened. A bearhug, full nelson, figure 4, leaves Stephan wary of the big guy. The Kid is a powerful brute. A laying sleeper displaying their great bodies is the capper, but the Kid doesn't stop there in this squash-job. A long tight bearhug, a long kneeling legbar, a long big-armed sleeper, and a long head legscissors each time lifting his already defeated opponent to his feet and putting him in another hard held hold. Between holds Kid slowly walks around Stephan's waisted musclebody and kicks at it cockily. The Kid Rocks.

 This match is all Kid Q...

 ...from bear hugs... full nelsons... head locks... chin locks....until he has his opponent...

 ...softened up for a long held head scissors...

 ...that takes the life out of poor Stéphan...

 ...until Kid Q poses and walks away in disgust.