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the Matches

 Match 1

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

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 Match 2

Kid Q vs Stéphan

 Match 3

Kid Q vs Joey

 Tag Team Match

KidQ and Tarzan vs Joey and Stéphan

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Match #3

Kid Q vs. Joey

This is for those who like long lasting power holds and another squash-job. Joey is a well-versed wrestler, but does have his hands full with the Kid. Joey does get in a solid headlock, cobra clutch, bearhug, and a lot of punching before the hunk lets loose. The Kid wraps his muscular arms around Joey with a very sexy full nelson. An extended chinlock is what really weakens Joey. Joey is a big tough guy, but the Kid sometimes dominates his opponents. A long necktwist that the Kid throws all his muscle into is torturous on poor Joey. Watching the Kids muscles flex as he applies his holds is a great reason to see this tape. At any point he can put Joey out, but between devastating holds Kid slowly walks around Joey's waisted musclebody and stalks him. A long bearhug, a neck snapping head scissors, another big full nelson, his nerve hold, and another big chinlock. The Kid is overpowering and Joey is worked over well. An awesome matchup. Slow and cool.

 Kid Q starts strong with a bear hug but...

 ...unlike Stéphan, Joey puts up a good fight...first with a bear hug...

 ...then an arm lock...

 ...followed by a nasty knee drop

...oooh that hurts.

 Joey stretches Kid Q and just when you think Joey has the match in his hand...

 ...the Kid puts Joey down with his nerve squeeze...

 ...and has Joey in pain and suffering.... not content with the victory.

 Kid Q decides to dish out some more punishment on the hapless Joey.