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the Matches

 Match 1

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

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 Match 2

Kid Q vs Stéphan

 Match 3

Kid Q vs Joey

 Tag Team Match

KidQ and Tarzan vs Joey and Stéphan

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Handicap Match

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

Fall #3

Tarzan wants revenge. He now knows that his two opponents aren't pushovers. Back and forth Tarzan and Stephan force submission holds on eachother. Armbars, full nelsons, choking, and sleepers. Enter the fresh Joey, and Tarzan works him over with a backbreaker, and gut punches. Joey knows how to wrestle too and fights back with a cobra. Tarzan not impressed works him over with a headlock, a DDT, a legspread with a shot to the crotch, and lots more punishment before he tosses him aside and invites in Stephan for some. Joey slides in and the two start their attack on Tarzan. But to the rescue… enter Kid Q. He puts his nerve hold on Joey, and Tarzan gets Stephan in a camel clutch, then sleeper. Tarzan conquers, piling up his defeated hunks, and poses over his conquered pile of muscle. An awesome matchup!!  

 Joey starts the match in control over Tarzan...

 ...making the bigger man suffer.



 But Tarzan will have none of that...

 ...and delivers a low blow to poor Joey.

 The two smaller wrestlers gang up once more on Tarzan for 'breakin the rules'...

 ...but this time Kid Q enters the fray and it is soon all over for Joey and Stéphan.

 Kid Q's newly acquired nerve squeeze has Joey writhering in pain... then it is easy...

 ...for Tarzan to finish off the two junior wrestlers and pose for the camera.