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the Matches

 Match 1

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

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 Match 2

Kid Q vs Stéphan

 Match 3

Kid Q vs Joey

 Tag Team Match

KidQ and Tarzan vs Joey and Stéphan

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Handicap Match

Tarzan vs. Joey and Stéphan

Fall #1

Tarzan is up against two hunks in this first match. This is Joey Todd's only tape he did for PWP. He is a big tough wrestler, but he up against some tougher opponents. He throws Tarzan into an armbar followed by a back wrenching surfboard, a head scissors armbar, and then Tarzan gets mad. Lean, muscular Stephan is tagged in. Tarzan doesn't fair any better with Stephan either, as Stephan throws a big full nelson on him standing then lying. Tarzan gets madder, headlocks Stephan and pounds him. He follows it up with a sleeper and Stephan tags in Joey, right as he is getting put out. A big backbreaker gets Tarzan to the mat, and then Joey works him over, and applies a full nelson. But when Tarzan wraps those big legs around your head, you go down. Tarzan shows these guys who is boss. Great match. Tarzan is awesome.  

 Tarzan begins the attack with an arm bar.

 But Joey reverses and has Tarzan in his crushing head scissors!

 The battle continues...Joey spreads some pain of his own...

 Tarzan does some crushing of his own.. Here Stéphan feels Tarzan's muscles...

 Stéphan puts a full nelson on Tarzan...

 ...But when Tarzan wraps his powerful legs around Joey's head and squeezes and slowly punishes the little guy...


 ...time and again Joey tries to escape.. But Tarzan's mighty CRUSH is too much for Joey...

...who can't escape Tarzan's mighty thighs and must submit the first fall to Tarzan.