PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Dyllon vs André

Match #2

Laurent vs Marc

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

Match #4

Laurent vs André

Match #5

Dyllon vs Laurent

Match #4

Laurent vs André

Laurent is just a dominant kind of guy. And a little slow and sexy too. Little muscle guy, Andre, makes good practice for the big guy. His spirit is broken early on, as Laurent's powerful arms and legs maul him. Laurent is very sexy as he messes with Andre… going easily from hold to powerful hold… flexing… and being just plain dominant. Sexy match-up!! Andre is a cute jobber. 

André takes an early advantage with a to the mat side headlock...

...but Laurent is quick to slap on a painful arm bar.

The Big Man towers over his opponent. Here he decides to massage André's head.

Poor André's head is about ready to burst from the pressure of those massive thighs.

While in a Laurent headlock, André tries soem trunk pulling...

...only to find his head an unlucky receipient of A KNUCKLE MASSAGE.

André show his stuff as he rebounds with an arm bar of his own on Laurent.

But the tight body scissors has André crying out for mercy.

The Big Man just likes to look over his prey..What's next on Laurent's list of tortures?

A full nelson has André gasping...

...on the mat and ready for the delectable ending.

TRAPPED André soon succumbs to Laurent's power.