PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Dyllon vs André

Match #2

Laurent vs Marc

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

Match #4

Laurent vs André

Match #5

Dyllon vs Laurent

Match #2

Laurent vs Marc

 You can certainly tell that Dyllon and Laurent are related. Very close in size, strength, talent and fortitude. Laurent just may have the edge in muscularity though. Here he meets up with Marc on each of their first outings with PWP. Marc is of course, one well-built wrestler. He and Laurent exchange some big holds earlier on in the match. Laurent has a slow and overpowering side to his wrestling style. Very overpowering. Marc suffers a painful camel that nearly bends him backwards. Headscissor/armbars. But what really takes a toll on him is Laurent's multiple, muscular chinlocks and sideheadlocks. Laurent squeezes Marcs head and neck in every direction, and hard. It is a huge sleeper/bodyscissors on Marc that makes him submit to the big guy. Laurent is one big and powerful guy. PWP watch out!!!

Marc has Laurent in trouble early in the match.

But the Big new comer quickly reverses. He massages Marc's head while having him in his control in a tight head scissors.


Here is a close-up of the pain on Marc's face!


Laurent shows his prowess as he has Marc in a painful camel clutch.

But, the young new comer has Laurent down and massages the bigger man's face...


... only to be faced with the wrath of Laurent... Marc grimaces in pain as Laurent applies the pressure.

The new comer tries a low blow but this only angers the bigger man... who decides to...

...squeeze the smaller man's head into mush! First with a head scissors...


Next with a front head lock...Then he must face a...

...bone crushing side headlock. Soon the new man is crying for help and...


...repeatedly submits to Laurent.