PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Dyllon vs André

Match #2

Laurent vs Marc

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

Match #4

Laurent vs André

Match #5

Dyllon vs Laurent

Match #5

Dyllon vs Laurent

 This one was a tagteam event that was Dyllon and Laurent against Andre and Marc. In what was a fast defeat for Andre and Marc in long held headscissor/armbar/spadel… Dyllon squares-off with his BIG brother Laurent, the in battle of the brothers. Laurent looks beautiful slowly defeating his muscular brother, hold by powerful hold. Dyllon suffers in a big boston crab, then a camel clutch, then a sleeper, fig-4 headscissors, another sleeper, a long surfboard, and is brought down with a another sleeper/bodyscissors. Dyllon looks great being outwrestled by built brother. A huge win for Laurent… who will he defeat next?

This contest begins at the end of a tag match between André and Marc vs Dyllon and Laurent. The double headscissors spells the end for André and Marc but begins the Match between the brothers.

In the audience are The Rebel, Brandan and Bad Boy...They want to see this new behemoth...Laurent...wrestle.

Dyllon gets control over his brother early in the match...

He stretches the bigger man and all the while Laurent can't believe his younger brother's aggressiveness.

But his BIGGER brother decides enough is enough and starts his rampage on his brother... Here Dyllon tries to scratch his way out...

...but he can't do it! Dyllon looks almost out as his brother squeezes his younger brother's head!

Next he clamps on a camel clutch and watches his brother suffer.

Once more Dyllon is on the receiving end of some arm bar tricks by Laurent..His screems go unheard so...

...he tries to rip his bigger brother's trunks.

Laurent will have nothinh of this so he puts Dyllon on the mat and stretches him out before...

...he closes the curtains on Dyllon's reign. Now, Laurent says HE IS THE STAR of PWP wrestling. He shouts out a challenge and from the audience you can hear someone take him up on it...Is it The Rebel, Brandan or Bad Boy?