PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Dyllon vs André

Match #2

Laurent vs Marc

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

Match #4

Laurent vs André

Match #5

Dyllon vs Laurent

Match #1

Dyllon vs André

Check out the new and improved physiques on Andre and Dyllon. And Dyllon has also found a new attitude… Mr. Big Guy. Andre exchanges holds with Dyllon for a good while, until Andre is flattened by a shot to the balls. Dyllon then goes after Andre's neck. He throws some very hard held sleepers, camels, and fig-4 headscissors on muscleboy Andre. Watch Andre's abs, chest and bi's flex as he tries to shake off the muscular Dyllon. Endless neck punishment makes this a tough match for Andre. Dyllon comes out flexing his lean physique over his defeated opponent.  

Dyllon takes an early advantage with a bone crushing headlock.

Dyllon keeps control over André.

Dyllon's half nelson and arm bar has André reeling in pain...

...but André is able to reverse. Here Dyllon feels the pressure of his full nelson.


But our wily veteran re-gains control with a devastating figure-four head scissors. Is André crying from the pain?


But the new guy once again has Dyllon on the mat.


And for good measure, André knuckle dusts Dyllon's head not just once but...


...several times. Here he has a go on Dyllon's head while our boy in red is caught in a figure-four headscissors.


What Dylon can't do legally, he gets by dishing out a low blow...


...and then does some trunk pulling....poor André... he is dazed and confused.


Our star now puts on the pressure... poor André's face is crushed by Dyllon's head scissors.


And it is soon curtains for the new guy as he is all wrapped up and slowly put to bed.