PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Dyllon vs André

Match #2

Laurent vs Marc

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

Match #4

Laurent vs André

Match #5

Dyllon vs Laurent

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

 WOW… Is this match great!!! These two are 'about' the same size. The battling is very good in the first half of the match, each guy using mainly fig-4's mixed with torture holds. And variations in camels and crabs, each being inventive and effective. But when Dyllon starts to pour it on he manhandles Marc, like he outweighs him by 20 lbs. Marc is hit with sleeper/camels, fig-4/spadels, and any other multiple hold Dyllon can throw on to make him hurt. Marc is devastated. And Dyllon has never handled a match with such dominance. Dyllon watches himself as his muscles flex around Marc powerfully. Laughing at times as he fully dominates Marc. Dyllon poses wonderfully over his fallen opponent. A fantastic match!!!

Dyllon begins the match in complete control..An arm bar has Marc in pain.

A tightly held head scissors squashes poor...

...Marc's head. Here he is seeing stars!

Dyllon in complete control... what a view...


...and what suffering!


Dyllon does a little exploring into Marc's crotch...


But the new man isn't completely out as he shows Dyllon here...

...and once more here. Marc loves to rake his opponents face and eyes.

He does it again... but Dyllon has taken enough abuse.


Once he regains control, Dyllon is all over his opponent... Here he has Marc in a boston crab...


...and here is the poor guy ready for la-la land!