PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sean

Match #2

Brandon vs Dyllon

Match #3

Sean vs Brandon

Match #4

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

Match #5

Sean & Dyllon vs Brandon & Bad Boy

the 3rd Bearhug Tape
Match #5

Tag Team Contest

Sean & Dyllon (both in Calvin Kleins) vs Brandon & Bad Boy

Let me see… how can I describe this one. This matchup is Dyllon and Sean on the receiving end of a whole lot of bearhugging. It's mostly 2 on 2 action. The big muscular team of Bad Boy and Brandon ('the Sex Machine') conquer in this one, with Sean and Dyllon crying out in pain a lot. They are seriously manhandled in this one. It's bearhug-ilicious!!! 

Brandon is all over Dyllon as he...

...plays with his hapless victim.

Bad Boy has his chance with Sean...

...while both Brandon and Bad Boy put the double squeeze on Sean.

Now each heel gets his turn to put the pressure on...

...and all four get together for some...

...puppy squashing over and over again...

...until these two studpuppies can no longer take it anymore.

Before the grand finale, Sean and Dyllon get squeezed some more...

...and then it all over but the climax.