PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sean

Match #2

Brandon vs Dyllon

Match #3

Sean vs Brandon

Match #4

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

Match #5

Sean & Dyllon vs Brandon & Bad Boy

the 3rd Bearhug Tape
Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sean

Bad Boy comes to these matches looking totally ripped up with a bigger, meaner attitude. Poor Sean happens to meet him first off. Sean starts out dishing out a big sideheadlock followed by a big bearhug. BB is a little staggered, but manages to shake it off and hit him back with a big bearhug and sideheadlock. Sean matches BB hold for hold and it starts to infuriate BB. About half way through this one the Bad One pours it on and hits Sean with bearhug after bearhug. Sean was done when he was tossed to the floor after the second one… but this is where the domination begins. The big muscle hunk squeezes those big arms around Sean in every way possible. The Bad One ignores Sean's repeated pleas for him to quit, and replies "it's not done 'til I decide it's done", and keeps on going. An awesome fight with total domination displayed by Bad Boy.  

This match begins with Sean taking... early advantage over the bigger man.

But it isn't long before Bad Boy...

...puts the squeeze on Sean.

Sean returns the favor with a body scissors...

...and tries to body press the larger man on the mat...

...only to be given a taste of his own ....

...medicine with a little twist å la Bad Boy...

Soon the smaller man can take no more and... is bed time for Sean.