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Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sean

Match #2

Brandon vs Dyllon

Match #3

Sean vs Brandon

Match #4

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

Match #5

Sean & Dyllon vs Brandon & Bad Boy

the 3rd Bearhug Tape
Match #4

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

This is one heck of a matchup. Dyllon comes to this match with a BIG ego going and is determined to prove he's THE MAN… Bad Boy isn't a guy to be pushed around. Sure Dyllon comes looking very ripped… but BB is a big tough muscular talented wrestler. Action starts with BB going right after Dyllon's back, bearhugging it. Dyllon counters it with his own and then a fullnelson, a big bodyscissors/armbar, a long camel clutch and puts all his muscle into it all. BB is in pain, but is fed up and goes back after Dyllon's back. Dyllon's back torture in this matchup is mean. The Bad One hits Dyllon up with a lion-tamer to start, (then each get eachother with a shot to the balls). Then BB comes back hitting Dyllon's back again with a big camel clutch, and one of the meanest series of bearhugs ever, standing, sitting, and rolling. Dyllon does try to outmuscle the big guy, paining Bad Boy a bit but mainly just infuriating him. Dyllon's back gets worked over with combination bodyscissors holds, lots more bearhugging, one of BB's 'Sex Machine' holds, a couple lying bodyscissors/backbreaker, then a bodyscissors/surfboard, and then more bearhugging (but Dyllon is now destroyed, begging for Bad Boy to stop). Bad Boy returns after the match and tosses a sleeper on the beaten muscle boy. THIS ACTION IS TOUGH AND HOT. Great match!!! 

Bad Boy gets an early start to this squeeze fest... Dyllon soon finds out. The punishment though...

...doesn't stop Dyllon from trying, but it is Bad Boy...

...who soon has him in a body scissors and shows his fans the pain he can inflict.

Here he tries to pop Dyllon's head while in a tight body scissors.

The poor young wrestler continues to suffer...

...punishment at the hands of Bad Boy until...

...our heel puts Dyllon out.