PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sean

Match #2

Brandon vs Dyllon

Match #3

Sean vs Brandon

Match #4

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

Match #5

Sean & Dyllon vs Brandon & Bad Boy

the 3rd Bearhug Tape
Match #3

Sean vs Brandon 'The Asian Assassin'

 Sean brings a lot of PWP experience to any match. Brandon… is a monster. And anything Sean tosses on Brandon is returned two-fold in pain. Sean has to really turn it up in this match to get anywhere, but Brandon unloads on him with a barrage of bearhugs on squeezing Sean's ribs hard against his mighty torso. Brandon's fantastic muscles are flexing wildly in every direction, hold by hold, and his attack is mainly on Sean's lower back. When Brandon fits his big bicep snuggly under Sean's chin and squeezes a sleeper on him and its lights out for Sean. Brandon is just too much for most any guy to go up against.

Brandon again starts early with a powerful...

...front bearhug...

...then switches and adds the pressure...

...then he squeezes poor Sean's body with a vice-like grip...

...but our Sean is able to reverse and starts the...

...squeeze on Brandon...

...but Brandon is too tough and street-wise.

His onslaught ends slowly when he applies his 'Asian Death Clamp'...

...and the life from Sean's limbs disappears.