PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sean

Match #2

Brandon vs Dyllon

Match #3

Sean vs Brandon

Match #4

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

Match #5

Sean & Dyllon vs Brandon & Bad Boy

the 3rd Bearhug Tape
Match #2

Brandon 'The Asian Assassin vs Dyllon

'This is one of the best fought matches I (Dan) have ever none!'

This is definitely one of the sexiest beatings you may ever see. Dyllon comes to this match with total confidence, with his brawnier build carrying a lot more weight. But Brandon comes to this like no other wrestler to date. His focus is on hitting Dyllon's midsection… with vicious ab claws… hard scissors around Dyllon's upper abs… and bearhugging Dyllon's ribs endlessly. Big Dyllon suffers endless attack on his stomach and lower back. Brandon easily muscles his way out of anything big Dyllon does manage to throw on him, and then immediately start back in on working over Dyllon midsection. He focuses on it throughout the match totally dominating Dyllon. Brandon's attack works, leaving him flexing nicely over Dyllon's lifeless sweaty body. As wrestlers, I think we all can appreciate an endless attack on one body part. If you like good old gut torture… this one is for you. Well done Brandon!! 

Brandon starts quickly squeezing the life out of poor Dyllon.

This is only his second appearance with PWP for Dyllon.

A crushing body scissors...

...and a little choke hold has the young wrestler down...

...but certainly not out, as Dyllon puts the...


...squeeze on the new comer to PWP.

The aggressive Brandon soon has...

...Dyllon at his mercy as the life is slowly sucked from him...

...and then it is time to put the 'Asian Death Clamp'...

...on the hapless and helpless victim.