PWP Wrestling presents

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #1

Mario vs Nick

Match #2

Sébastien vs Simon

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Mike Manson

Match #4

Sexy Steve vs Eric Legros

Match #5

Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

Match #6

Michel vs Christopher

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Christopher vs Michel

Michel has Christopher all wrapped up on the mat.

His punishing figure four head scissors has Christopher eating... well you know... humiliation.

But the little guy puts a side headlock of his own on Christopher and grinds his head on the mat.

Michel, in obvious pain, tries to pull Christopher's trunks in order to free himself only... find himself facing the mat, with Christopher once again in control.

But the bigger man is able to escape and clamps on a side headlock... his favorite hold.

Michel seems to enjoy his job and the view???

Christopher suffers in Michels full nelson.

The little guy is tortured as he squirms to free himself...

...only to find that he is trapped once more in Michel's headlock.


Christopher is ready to meet his Maker... he slowly drifts into unconsciousness... a beautiful finish to a terrific match and a once in a lifetime tape!