PWP Wrestling presents

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #1

Mario vs Nick

Match #2

Sébastien vs Simon

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Mike Manson

Match #4

Sexy Steve vs Eric Legros

Match #5

Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

Match #6

Michel vs Christopher

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Sébastien vs Simon

Sébastien begins the match in control punishing Simon's head first with a tight headlock.

Then with an even tighter head scissors.

Then Sébastien has Simon flying upside down... Interesting view ...

...then puts him right-side up in a punishing bear hug...

...Sébastien's special leg and arm punishment.

The smaller man is able to reverse with a tight figure- four headscissors of his own...

...but the bigger Sébastien shows his dominance over Simon by parading him around the locker-room on his shoulder!

Look at poor Simon grimace at the pain Sébastien inflicts.

The smaller Simon resorts to a low blow to gain a temporary advantage.

But this just enrages Sébastien who makes Simon suffer with a devastating backbreaker.


More leg torture until Sébastien decides to end the match.


Sébastien smiles as he sees his victim slowly weaken and succumb to the bigger man's prowess. Is Sébastien ready for a re-match with Brandon???