PWP Wrestling presents

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

6 Matches... and 12 of PWPs hot wrestlers on one tape

You asked for more...

...more Mario, more Nick, more Sébastien, more Sexy Steve, more Kid Q, more Michel and more Bad Boy...

Well, PWP listened and brings your favorite wrestlers together in this 'once in a lifetime' video

Match #1

Mario vs Nick

Match #2

Sébastien vs Simon

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Mike Manson

Match #4

Sexy Steve vs Eric Legros

Match #5

Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

Match #6

Michel vs Christopher

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

the Wrestlers




Bad Boy


Sexy Steve

Kid Q







Mike Manson

Eric Legros


Pistol Pete



Match #1... features Mario vs Nick. Here Mario grinds Nicks chin and neck in a painful headlock.

Match #2... brings Sébastien and Simon together. Sébastien shows his prowess as he slaps poor Simon in the face as he grinds his powerful legs over his face and neck.

Match #3... sees Bad Boy destroy Mike Manson. Here Bad Boy has his victim in an airplane spin.

Match #4... pits Sexy Steve against Eric Legros. While the Sexy One has Eric in a head scissors, The Rebel and Bad Boy are in the background encouraging their separate protegés. Who wins? What do The Rebel and Bad Boy do after the match?


In Match #5... Kid Q takes on Pistol Pete. Here we see what happens to the youngster at the end of the match.


And Match #6... pits Michel against Christopher. The bigger man is all over Michel. Here he grinds his victims head while on the mat.