PWP Wrestling presents

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #1

Mario vs Nick

Match #2

Sébastien vs Simon

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Mike Manson

Match #4

Sexy Steve vs Eric Legros

Match #5

Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

Match #6

Michel vs Christopher

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

This match is all Kid Q. Here he is choking the smaller man.

His punishing figure-four headscissors has Pistol in pain.

The little guy tries to put a side headlock of his own on the Kid...

...but Pistol pays for his feeble attempt with a punishing full nelson.

...then the Kid puts Pete in one of his favorite holds... the head scissors.

Pete's head is squashed behind those massive thighs..oh help!!!

He keeps punishing Pete's head with those thighs.

Then the Kid goes to his next favorite hold..the bearhug!!!

The little guy is tortured as he squirms to free himself...

...only to find himself locked once more...


...inside the Kid's powerful legs.


However he tries to free himself, he just can't do it. By now the youngster is a so weak he is easy prey... the Kid's powerful arms... This slow and sensual sleeper is a knockout!!