PWP Wrestling presents

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #1

Mario vs Nick

Match #2

Sébastien vs Simon

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Mike Manson

Match #4

Sexy Steve vs Eric Legros

Match #5

Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

Match #6

Michel vs Christopher

2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

Sexy Steve vs Eric

This match begins with Sexy Steve in control. But remember, this match is presided over by The Rebel and Bad Boy.

Sexy Steve (Bad Boy's protegé) is in trouble... Eric (The Rebel's protegé) has the Sexy One just where he wants him.

Eric pulls some of Steve's long locks to punish him some more... to the chagrin of Bad Boy.

The Rebel interferes once the Sexy One has Eric all locked up in a tight head scissors.

But The Sexy One continues to dominate as Bad Boy keeps The Rebel in check... here Steve literally has Eric all wrapped up!!

But Eric keeps coming back... here he tortures the Sexy One's legs.

Then he goes after his head in a bone-crushing figure- four head scissors.

A side headlock on the mat keeps Eric in control.

It seems that it is all over for our hero when...


...The Rebel low blows Bad Boy and they start to take it out of the warehouse.


This gives the Sexy One a chance to recuperate... Here he pulls Eric up by the hair...

...slaps on a powerful head scissors. . This spells the end for Eric...