PWP proudly presents the

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

the Matches 


Kid TNT vs JohnnyMax 


Sébastien vs Denis 


Sexy Steve vs Sean 


Ziggy vs Danny D 


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy 

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #5

Bad Boy vs the Rebel'

The Rebel is an awesome wrestler, tough guy, with a great body and a vicious confidence when he attacks. Bad Boy is a brawny, tough guy, who just overpowers most any man. There is no better matchup. Right from the get go, Bad Boy goes for Rebels back. He works it over first with a back-snapping bearhug, then almost rips Rebels shoulder out with a huge armbar. Then he goes back to the back and attacks with a single leglock, then a crab that even the big Rebel can't shake. Bad Boy tosses Rebel into a camel, and then he wraps those big arms around Rebels neck and says "Sleep…" as he pours on a sleeper. The devastated Rebel says "Nooo…" as he slowly goes out. Bad Boy flexes over the Rebels destroyed hot-body. After his big win, Bad Boy returns to the mat to wake up poor Rebel and sleeper him out yet again. CLASSIC MATCHUP.

The Bad One has Sonny is a painful headlock. Yves parades 'The Rebel' around the mat in a show of defiance towards the young upstart.

But the little devil turns the tables on the bigger man and has him pinned in a leg lock.

But 'Bad Boy' easily escapes and clamps a powerful bear hug on the younger heel.

The Bad One dishes out more punishment as Sonny grimaces in pain.

This is followed by a powerful head scissors as the Bad One gleefully surveys his working over of the helpless young stud.

But the smaller heel is full of surprises..Here he does a little dirty work on Bad Boy's face.

But the bigger man is no match for The Rebel as he...

...punishes the young grappler with a painful leg lock...

And then gets his young rival ready for... land...good night sweet prince.