PWP proudly presents the

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

the Matches 


Kid TNT vs JohnnyMax 


Sébastien vs Denis 


Sexy Steve vs Sean 


Ziggy vs Danny D 


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy 

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #4

Danny D' vs Ziggy

Danny starts of the match with an interesting bearhug.

But the little devil turns the tables on Danny and sits on Danny's head.

But Danny is quick to turn the tables. Here he has Ziggy in a compromising position.

Danny continues his assault with a leg hold.

Once more, Danny shows 'The Street Punk' a little something about pain and punishment.

But the Street Punk reverses on Danny and slaps on a sleeper hold.

Before Danny goes out...Ziggy...

...finds himself staring up Danny's crotch.

Ziggy turns the tables once more on Danny...

...and this time he seems to be in control..but will he be able to take the young blond down???