PWP proudly presents the

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

the Matches 


Kid TNT vs JohnnyMax 


Sébastien vs Denis 


Sexy Steve vs Sean 


Ziggy vs Danny D 


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy 

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #2

Sébstien vs Denis Richard

 These two are both very muscular guys and are sure to make a great for a great matchup. About the same size and talent. Sebastian's muscles flex and he grins to the camera as he pours on the heat. Denis looks awesome as he squeezes the life out of Sebastian with lots of scissors. This matchup goes back and forth. At one point it looks like Sebastian is going to snap Denis' neck with a vicious full nelson. These two push eachother to the limit. Great muscle guy matchup.

At the begining of the match, Sébastien appears to be in control...

...taking pleasure in punishing his opponent.

Denis shows the young upstart a few punishing holds of his own.

Here, he delights in putting the pressure on Sébastien's neck.

But this wiry young wrestler soon has Denis where he wants him...

...punishing his opponent with a vice-like headlock...

...and then parades him around the mat for all to see who is in control.

Digging deep Denis comes around. Here, he tries to squeeze some sense into the young dynamo...

...but Sébastien will have nothing to do with it and makes poor Denis suffer with this camel clutch ...

...and this punishing front bear hug..Is the end near for Denis? Or will he make a miraculous comeback?? Not very likely.