PWP proudly presents the

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

the Matches 


Kid TNT vs JohnnyMax 


Sébastien vs Denis 


Sexy Steve vs Sean 


Ziggy vs Danny D 


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy 

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #1

Kid T.N.T. vs JohnnyMax

Johnny comes to this match very cut-up and lean. Very muscular guy. Johnny gives Kid TNT his best competition to date in this matchup. Back and forth, TNT with his very experienced use of pro-style holds and leverage… and Johnny with his powerful musclular force that goes into each of his holds. TNT has no choice but to resort to dirty tactics to retaliate to the strength of his mighty foe. TNT eventually brings the hunk down and makes him suffer 'to the MAX' in a series of toehold camels. Bye-bye big guy. Kid TNT is a true heel.

Not a good move to start the match if you're Kid T.N.T.... JohnnyMax firmly grips the Kid's head inside those...

...massive arms as the Kid writhers in pain on the mat...

But the wily T.N.T shows his stuff as he has the biger man wrapped inside his legs.

Well...JohnnyMax has taken a lesson from the Kid and low blows the unsuspecting heel...

...and grinds his powerful legs around the Kid's head...

...the Kid comes back but soon finds himslef in some pain... JohnnyMax has him in a figure-four leg lock.

The heel seems to have him wrapped up once more, yet...

...the bigger man puts the Kid once more inside those legs..Will Kid T.N.T. continue his recent undefeated streak? Or, will JohnnyMax come out the victor??