PWP proudly presents the

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

the Matches 


Kid TNT vs JohnnyMax 


Sébastien vs Denis 


Sexy Steve vs Sean 


Ziggy vs Danny D 


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy 

1st Annual Wrestling Bash

Match #3

Sean vs Sexy Steve

 These two guys guarantee a great matchup. Sean looks like he has put on a load of muscle as of late and looks like a great competitor for the hot body of Sexy Steve. It happens that Sexy has it all going his way and Sean suffers. Steve unloads on Sean with headscissors, side headlocks, and more… displaying his body generously as he slowly destroys Sean. Sexy can just be too much sometimes, and Sean finds out.

A match of strength between Sean and Sexy Steve is no match... the bigger hunk puts Sean in a grinding head lock.

More pain and punishment is dished out on Sean as...

...Sexy Steve squeezes and squeezes his powerful thighs...

...around the neck of Sean...No matter what Sean tries to do to...

...escape, the Sexy One keeps control...smiling for all to see.

Next, Steve stretches Sean's arm until it almost comes out of its socket...then...

...he has Sean writhering in pain as he applies the pressure on a figure four leglock.

Sean makes a brief comeback but by the end of the match...

...Sean has very little energy left as he slowly succumbs to Steve's powerful sleeper..Steve gets his revenge!!