PWP Wrestling presents

Introduction to Destruction

the Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Nick

 Match #2

Sebastian vs Mario

 Match #3

Nick vs Sebastian

 Match #4

Bad Boy vs Sebastian

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Mario 

Match #6

Round Robin 

Match #6

Round Robin

All four guys going at it in one match, winner takes all. Sébastien begins with his patented side headlock on Nick, and then a big nelson. Mario makes Nick really stretch for the tag. Mario slows Sébastien down a bit with a string of holds on the big guy, and then tosses him to the side. Enter Bad Boy and Mario takes it to BB's arms trying to keep him from tagging and maybe hurt him a little. When BB regains control, Mario suffers in a cloverleaf, and then Bad Boys patented toehold chinlock. Sébastien comes in bumping big chests with Bad Boy. BB doesn't take lightly to it and works the musclehunk over a while putting him down in a Boston Crab. BB drags Nick and Mario back onto the mat together, throws them down and delivers a double toehold chinlock on both of them until they go down. Bad Boy is one of the biggest, toughest, most muscular mat wrestlers around. He proves he is a challenge to any guy and shines in this tape. Awesome tape.

Mario and Nick think they can double team Bad Boy after Bad Boy has put out Sé while Bad Boy is putting the punishment on Nick, Mario...

...jumps in and both try to take on PWP's master heel..what fools!!

Bad Boy destroys both men with his latest punishing hold...

...and displays their lifeless bodies for all..but especially, The Rebel to see.