PWP Wrestling presents

Introduction to Destruction

the Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Nick

 Match #2

Sebastian vs Mario

 Match #3

Nick vs Sebastian

 Match #4

Bad Boy vs Sebastian

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Mario 

Match #6

Round Robin 

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Mario

This matchup is great old 'big musclehunk battling younger musclehunk' action. Mario starts it up unloading it on Bad Boy. BB is stunned by it. But when he strikes back it is endless what Mario endures. His great muscled bod is strung out every which way by this fabulous big wrestler. Mario does get in another string of holds on BB to make the action last and to show his worth. BB hits him with everything though, until a headscissors followed by his classic sleeper puts the young guy out. The great thing about PWP is that it doesn't skimp in the good looking guy department and this just makes for eye-popping action. Great viewing!!

Bad Boy has Mario trapped and punishes his head... oh so many ways.

Bad Boy gets a little cocky and before you...

...know it, Mario has him in his punishing headlock.

Now its Mario's turn to deliver some pain...

...but Bad Boy quickly reverses and makes Mario suffer.

Poor Mario is almost choked out and those massive thighs come down on Mario's neck.

After Mario has been softened up, Bad Boy puts him to rest.