PWP Wrestling presents

Introduction to Destruction

the Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Nick

 Match #2

Sebastian vs Mario

 Match #3

Nick vs Sebastian

 Match #4

Bad Boy vs Sebastian

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Mario 

Match #6

Round Robin 

Match #1

Bad Boy vs Nick

 Bad Boy is out to prove something to the Rebel (who isn't in this video). Bad Boy is mad and wants to take it out on all the guys in this video to show the Rebel how pissed he is. He starts with Nick, a rookie. Poor Nick. He is a tall guy, and he does have some skills. But Bad Boy looks like he has beefed up even more and is out to put it to work. He hits Nick with everything he has and puts all that power behind each hold. Hold after hold, this one is a squash... almost putting Nick out in a headscissors, the Evil One Bad Boy lifts Nick up and continues working him over and it doesn't stop until the Bad Boy stops. Watch out Rebel.

Bad Boy tortures poor Nick .. as many ways as he can.

And Nick knows how to suffer...

...and suffer and suffer.

When Bad Boy feels like it he...

...decides to punish Nick using 'illegal' moves...All the while taunting The Rebel that this and more will happen to him in Rebellion 2 --PayBack Time!!

And when it is time to sleep..Bad Boy...

...puts the hapless victim to rest.