PWP Wrestling presents

Introduction to Destruction

the Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Nick

 Match #2

Sebastian vs Mario

 Match #3

Nick vs Sebastian

 Match #4

Bad Boy vs Sebastian

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Mario 

Match #6

Round Robin 

Match #4

Bad Boy vs Sebastien

This one is a deliciously great matchup, for those who like their beef. Bad Boy has nothing short of a spectacular physique and Sébastien just keeps getting more muscular and cut-up with every outing. Bad Boy delivers the startup with a barrage of holds including multiple armbars in every direction. Sebastien's shoulder, arm and bicep are worked on in every way. This was entering the squash zone, right when BB slips up and Sébastien got a chance with one of his signature holds… the side headlock. And it doesn't get any better for BB. Hold after devastating hold Sébastien unloads on BB's muscles… stretching, squeezing and choking BB until he almost goes out. BB finally finds a way to slip a headscissors on Sébastien. Between that big hold and then sliding his big bicep under Sebastien's chin with a sleeper… that's it. With all that muscle battling it out, you will enjoy. CLASSIC!!!

Bad Boy shows Sébastien early on why HE is...

...King of PWP wrestling. Feel the wrath of those legs!

And if that isn't enough, an arm bar...

...and some re-arranging of Sébastien's face.

Sébastien is no slouch as Bad Boy soon discovers.

Sébastien applies the pressure with his figure-four head scissors...

But Sébastien MUST succumb to the bigger Heel...

...and Bad Boy can rest assured that Dan (PWP) must arrange a re-match with The Rebel.