PWP Wrestling presents

The First Sleeper Tape

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Angel

Match #2

Special K vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

Rebel vs Special K

Match #4

Special K vs Angel

Match #5

Rebel vs Angel

Match #6

Rebel vs Mad Maxx

The First Sleeper Tape


2 out of 3 Falls

Special K vs Angel

 Angel looks like one tough guy, although Special K is awesome. That body is fabulous, his attitude is dominating and his holds are powerful. Throughout this matchup, it's all Special K, except for the second. It's Angel coming out, slamming his fist into K's crotch and tossing a smothering sleeper on him. K looks great going out in Angel's big arms. Watch for a great hammerlock/sleeper hold on Angel in the second bout. Special K really has what it takes to be a great wrestler, and a clear force in PWP.

This is a hard fought battle as the smaller Angel refuses to be PWP's new job boy.

The Big Man tries to humiliate the smaller man...


...the little guy fights hard but.....


...the much bigger man succeeds in ...


...taking the first fall.


The 2nd fall isn't so easy for Special the Angel.


keeps on the attack...


...until the bigger man is put to rest.

But all that effort has weakened the Angel so the...

...3rd fall goes to the Big One..Special K!