PWP Wrestling presents

The First Sleeper Tape

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Angel

Match #2

Special K vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

Rebel vs Special K

Match #4

Special K vs Angel

Match #5

Rebel vs Angel

Match #6

Rebel vs Mad Maxx

The First Sleeper Tape


2 out of 3 Falls

Special K vs the Rebel

 Special K probably hadn't seen that many PWP matches before. He isn't intimidated by Mad Maxx, and he certainly isn't by the Rebel. The Rebel looks fantastic in this tape, but the much more powerful man is Special K and the Rebel knows that. He easily throws sleeper after sleeper onto the Rebel, swinging him around in his arms effortlessly. The Rebel is outgunned. Everytime the Rebel gets one of his amazing sleepers on K, it's just shrugged off by all that power. The Rebel does get a couple holds in the first bout, but the big guy takes the Rebel easily. Watch for a beautiful cobra sleeper. In the second, the Rebel is strung out in a sleeper/toehold, bending his back hard. But when he cinches a sleeper on his massive opponent, he makes it stick. Special K looks beautiful slowly going out, muscles flexing trying to free himself. In the third it's the Rebel trying to shrug off a solid sleeper by Special K, and K dominantly holding on. The Rebel in true form remains jovial throughout the match, even though he is clearly outgunned. Special K is definitely a force in PWP… and he's just a rookie. Great muscle action!!!

The Rebel is caught early by the Big Man -

Special K!

His punishing cobra claw has The Rebel reeling....


...but our veteran heel won't be easily defeated as he....


... puts the Big Man down on the mat with his tightly held sleeper.


But the Big One soon has the Rebel caught...


...and he goes down in the first fall to the Giant newcomer.


The second fall starts off with Special K in control but...

...our veteran heel soon has Special K down for the 2nd fall.

The 3rd fall is all Special K as The Rebel... repeatedly punished until the very end.


This rookie has a glorious start.