PWP Wrestling presents

The First Sleeper Tape

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Angel

Match #2

Special K vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

Rebel vs Special K

Match #4

Special K vs Angel

Match #5

Rebel vs Angel

Match #6

Rebel vs Mad Maxx

The First Sleeper Tape


2 out of 3 Falls

the Rebel vs Angel

 The Rebel's spirit was broken by Special K, and now he has another hunk to go up against… Angel. Angel is Rebel's size, build, and what seems a great deal more power than the Rebel. He confidently throws sleeper after sleeper on the Rebel, slowly destroying his ego in the first bout. The second bout was only one hold. The Rebel with a solid sleeper on Angel for the win. But back in the third, it's Angel again throwing his power in every one of his holds. By the end, there is a string of sleepers on the Rebel, kneeling, standing, and lying that the Rebel just can't shake off. Angel has deep confidence and a powerful body… and drop dead good looks. Beating the Rebel on his first time out is HUGELY impressive, don't you think?! Cool match…Rookie win over our veteran hunk.

The Rebel begins the match in control...

...but the feisty newcomer soon has The Rebel...


...trapped in his sleeper holds...


...and surprise of surprises...the Angel takes the 1st fall.


The 2nd fall is all The Rebel's as he...

...keeps his man wrapped up in his sleeper holds...


...until there is nothing but stars for our Angel to see!!


The 3rd fall returns with the Angel in control... The Rebel is continually weakened by The Angel's...

...sleeper holds and then the end for the Rebel. The Angel takes his first 2 out of 3 fall match! What a beginning for this young man.