PWP Wrestling presents

The First Sleeper Tape

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Angel

Match #2

Special K vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

Rebel vs Special K

Match #4

Special K vs Angel

Match #5

Rebel vs Angel

Match #6

Rebel vs Mad Maxx

The First Sleeper Tape


2 out of 3 Falls

Mad Maxx vs Angel

 After a very short time, Mad Maxx is now a veteran in the PWP. Hot newcomer, Angel, isn't too concerned about Maxx's winning streak either. Maxx offers some serious lessons for Angel, as he dishes out all the sleeper holds he can. Angel doesn't lose his composure in the first bout. He gets a taste of what's in store for him as MM teaches him effective headlock sleepers, fig-4 sleepers, with a few chokeholds and scissoring sleepers. The first bout goes to Maxx.
Angel starts the second bout with a cheap shot to MM's crotch. Maxx is stunned by this giving Angel a chance to show his stuff. He wraps those big arms around Maxx's head and doesn't let go. Maxx is reeling and doesn't know what hit him, and Angel just pours on the pressure, sleepering Maxx out. It's beautiful to see the first of Maxx's defeats, going to mega-hunk Angel.
The third bout has Maxx not looking too happy about his defeat. Not wasting any time, he throws a big sleeper on Angel, tough talks him, and slowly watches Angels body go limp in his arms. Angel makes a huge win in the second bout, but this one goes to the ultra-tough Mad Maxx.

Mad Maxx is in control over this rookie.

His punishing sleeper hold...


...has the little guy under his control...


...but the new man is no Mad Maxx soon discovers.


But it goes without saying that the...


...first fall goes to our latest heel.

The 2nd fall begins with the Angel being not so angelic. A low blow puts Mad Maxx down...

...and so the 2nd fall goes to the Angel.

Mad Maxx is not pleased. Here he torures the youngsters neck...

...then clamps on his version of the Cobra before...


...finishing him off with is choke-sleeper combination.