PWP Wrestling presents

The First Sleeper Tape

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Angel

Match #2

Special K vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

Rebel vs Special K

Match #4

Special K vs Angel

Match #5

Rebel vs Angel

Match #6

Rebel vs Mad Maxx

The First Sleeper Tape

6 Matches AND over 2 Hours


Dan (PWP) is asking all fans of PWP wrestling to help him with the next SLEEPER tape..

Do YOU want to see a particular fantasy scenario (LEATHER maybe??), more rough and tumble wrestling (for example, more of Bramdon) or more sensual/erotic wrestling (for example, more of Louie...PLEASE NO NUDITY), which wrestlers do YOU want to see?

ANY input you would care to give me would be appreciated. When it comes time to shoot the next SLEEPER video, I will provide you with a list of potential wrestlers and which wrestling fantasies were selected from your suggestions.



DVD - NOT $49.00 BUT $35.00