PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Special 'K' vs Rico

Match #2

Sébastien vs Danny Boy

Match #3

Sébastien vs Rico

Match #4

Special 'K' vs Danny Boy

Match #5

Special 'K' vs Sébastien


2 out of 3 Falls

Special 'K' vs Sébastien

This is the match-up we all have been waiting for... after his defeat in K'oed, Sébastien is out for blood..but quickly finds himself dominated by Special 'K'.

But Sébastien comes back and punishes 'K' with a headlock...

...and then mounts his prey...

...again and again he has Special 'K' on the receiving end of punishing holds..

This sleeper hold has the 'K' in trouble...


...and down he goes... It looks like Sébastien's back in true form.

But the big man begins the 2nd fall with his own version of the camel clutch...

...and soon has Sébastien on the mat grimacing in pain.

The 'K' continues to punish Sébastien with arm bars and sleepers...

...until the end of Match #2 sees 'K' victorious. The stage is set for Fall #3.

Sébastien begins with another of his punishing headlocks...

Sébastien is in control. He has 'K' rocking back and forth... dizzy and ready for 'termination'.

But some outside interference from one of the new rookies (can you guess which one?), turns the tables on Sébastien's domination of the fall.

Special 'K' is able to come out the victor over Sébastien in this match but we all know this isn't over. The next time these 2 meet, each man will have an 'advocate' in his corner to keep the contest fair.

Here he poses over the fallen victim.