PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Special 'K' vs Rico

Match #2

Sébastien vs Danny Boy

Match #3

Sébastien vs Rico

Match #4

Special 'K' vs Danny Boy

Match #5

Special 'K' vs Sébastien


2 out of 3 Falls

Sébastien vs Rico

Sébastien knows how to punish rookies.Those Big Arms are wrapped all over Rico's head.

Poor Rico may be tough, wiry and agile... but he looks like a rag doll here under the spell of the veteran wrestler.

Down on the mat, Sébastien wraps those thick thighs around Rico and clamps a sleeper on him... much as he trys, Rico can't extricate himself from the Big Man's grasp...

...Sébastien is in control... and on top of his second victim... Rico can't escape from the Big Man's powerful arms.

The wiry rookie is up for the 2nd fall as he takes command and chokes the veteran with a front head lock.

Here he enjoys the control he has over the Big Man...

...but Sébastien is able to take the advantage... Rico begins to pay for his 'sins'.

But surprisingly the rookie... Rico... clamps on a sleeper that lasts and lasts..

Rico relishes the control...when you think he has the veteran down for the count, he adds more pressure and taunts...

...the veteran... Rico does this several times..For me (Dan), this was a very sexy ending.

The 3rd fall..Sébastien is upset.. .he doesn't let the rookie out of his clutches.

Here he he stays on top of the rookie to show him who is boss.

A punishing sleeper-scissors combination has the rookie gasping for air.

Once on top of his victim for the 3rd time, Sébastien puts Rico out of his misery..What an amazing match-up!

Here he poses over the fallen victim.