PWP Wrestling presents

The 2nd Sleeper Tape

Match #1

Special 'K' vs Rico

Match #2

Sébastien vs Danny Boy

Match #3

Sébastien vs Rico

Match #4

Special 'K' vs Danny Boy

Match #5

Special 'K' vs Sébastien


2 out of 3 Falls


Special 'K' is in control over this rookie.

But Rico is tough, wiry and Special 'K' soon discovers.

But our veteran has the little guy under his control...

...again and again he clamps a sleeper on the rookie...

...until Rico has no fight left in him and the first fall goes to our Special heel...

The 2nd fall begins with the rookie Rico in command...

...then the bigger man regains control...

...but the tough and wiry Rico is able to take the advantage...


...and surprisingly the second fall goes to the rookie..Rico.

Losing to a rookie makes Special 'K' he takes it out on Rico's trunks.

Here he lifts Rico high above the mats. to show him who is boss.

After several sleepers, Special 'K' puts his brand on the rookie.


Here he poses over the fallen victim.