PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Special 'K' vs Rico

Match #2

Sébastien vs Danny Boy

Match #3

Sébastien vs Rico

Match #4

Special 'K' vs Danny Boy

Match #5

Special 'K' vs Sébastien


2 out of 3 Falls

Sébastien vs Danny Boy

Sébastien has a tight headlock on Danny Boy and begins in control over this rookie.

But the Big Boy reverses on Sébastien..and clamps his first sleeper on Sébastien.

Sébastien is on the floor with Danny all over him...making the veteran sweat...

...but the Big Man soon has the rookie where he wants him and the 1st fall goes to our champion Sébastien.

The 2nd fall begins with Danny Boy punishing Sébastien.

Here he gloats as he clamps on a sleeper.

Danny' smirk says it're mine now...and the veteran falls to the rookie in the 2nd fall.

The final fall is all Sébastien. Here he punishes Danny Boy with his first sleeper of the fall.

Then makes him suffer with a scissor's sleeper combination.

Sébastien gets on top of the Big Boy and Danny knows it's all over for him now.

He struggles and struggles to break free from the Big Man's hold and weight... but can't... and succumbs to our veteran wrestler.

Here Sébastien decides to do some push-ups over his fallen victim!!

Here he poses over the fallen victim.