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the Matches 

 Match  1

Mike vs the Rebel

 Match  2

the Rebel vs Sébastien

 Match 3

Mike Manson vs Simon

 Match  4

the Rebel vs Simon

 Match 5

Mike Manson vs Sébastien

 Round Robin


Round Robin Match

 To see all these wonderful looking guys together in one match is worth the tape. Two by two they hit the mat, and tag eachother in when they have a chance. Lots of fun antics and lots of tagging as they take turns beating on eachother. Lots of big holds and lots of suffering by each of these big guys. The Rebel has taken a match each from them, so they decide to ambush him and punish him a little. But then Bad Boy Yves jumps in for the rescue, and takes it to them and they suffer for what they did. But to Bad Boy's astonishment, the Rebel isn't that thankful or impressed by the gesture. And in his heel fashion he ungratefully punishes Yves for being a hero. This is a great tape…a true classic. The Rebel is a great wrestler, and he proves it on this tape. He has an amazing physique and killer good looks. The punishment that everyone takes at his hands is truly great to watch. 'Rebellion' is a classic tape and well worth the watch. (A+++)

This match begins with all four..

...wrestlers each double teaming one... as the other wrestlers look on..

Simon tries to tag Sébastien only to have him pull back his hand and laugh.

Mike is the first wrestler to be eliminated...who knew???

Then it is poor Simon's the new kid on the block he decides to form an alliance with...

...Sébastien against the Rebel...both had been beaten up by him so now...

...they think they can exact their revenge on him...

...but to everyone's surprise in jumps Bad Boy, The Rebel's mentor to... the day..first Sébastien and then the Big Man decides to really punish....

...Simon and teach him a lesson not to mess with his protegé..but...

...the protegé takes exception and begins his barrage on the bewildered Bad Boy...Is this the end of a tag team or the beginning of revenge for Bad Boy???