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the Matches 

 Match  1

Mike vs the Rebel

 Match  2

the Rebel vs Sébastien

 Match 3

Mike Manson vs Simon

 Match  4

the Rebel vs Simon

 Match 5

Mike Manson vs Sébastien

 Round Robin


Match #4

the Rebel vs Simon

 Simon is quite the hunk too. And he offers a great fight for the Rebel. He stretches out and displays the Rebels great body in backbreaking chinlocks and armbars and he enjoys seeing the big guy suffer under his power. These two hunks put eachother in some serious hard holds. Figure 4's headscissors, full nelsons, all the time looking great as they pour on the power. Rebel's side-headlocks and bearhugs are devastating, with those big arms wrapped around you. He sleepers Simon out in this one for yet another powerful win. Fantastic watch. Great fight!!!

The Rebel start off strong....

...but the smaller Simon has the Rebel down and in pain...

...a tight head scissors has our new heel in some trouble... temporarily.

It isn't long before the Rebel shows his dominance...

...a powerful front chancery...

...and then a full nelson.

But the younger wrestler isn't without his own bag of tricks.

The Rebel decides to smother the smaller man before...

...he clamps on a tight headlock...

...then a head scissors...

...before he gets the young punk...

...ready for bed...chalk up another victory for the Rebel.