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the Matches 

 Match  1

Mike vs the Rebel

 Match  2

the Rebel vs Sébastien

 Match 3

Mike Manson vs Simon

 Match  4

the Rebel vs Simon

 Match 5

Mike Manson vs Sébastien

 Round Robin


Match #5

Mike Manson vs Sébastien

Sebastian punches Mike in the gut to start this one. Then with a long side-headlock, then a big full-nelson bodyscissors, then an armbar, then an upside-down bearhug, and then he takes a little break and flexes. Mike soon takes advantage with a punch to the crotch that sends Sebastian down. Mike then holds his own against big Sebastian with some more punching. Sebastian is reeling, but fights back in his own way with punching, slamming Mike into the lockers, hair pulling, wedgies, and then a camel clutch backbreaker. Sebastian showing his confidence as he easily tosses Mike around. Sebastian has a lot fun when he is dominating. 1…2…3…backbreakers later on Mike, and probably that many HUGE bearhugs, has Mike screaming "I give". Mike has a very hard time getting up after this beating at the hands of Sebastian. ANOTHER AWESOME MATCHUP!!!

Sébastien enjoys his working over the veteran...

...with punishing headlocks...

...and punishing his opponent on the mat.

Here he lifts Mike and sends him crashing to the mat...

...but the veteran grappler has Sébastien in a...

...punishing hold and it looks like Sébastien will soon retire...but our villain...

...wants to punish him some he uses this thumb to poke Sébastien in the eye.

But Sébastien gets on top and pulls the man's trunks...this seems to be a favorite move of our young buck.

But happily punishing his opponents seems to be...

...another pleasure Sébastien enjoys... he nods to the camera his approval...

...before he begins to finish Mike with a backbreaker....poor Mike!! He came to teach but has much to learn from the PWP wrestlers.