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the Matches 

 Match  1

Mike vs the Rebel

 Match  2

the Rebel vs Sébastien

 Match 3

Mike Manson vs Simon

 Match  4

the Rebel vs Simon

 Match 5

Mike Manson vs Sébastien

 Round Robin


Match #2

the Rebel vs Sébastien

 Sebastian serves as a worthier opponent for the Rebel. So this is a great big guy matchup. Right off the bat, the Rebel gets his rib-crushing bearhug in. Those big arms of his are very devastating in that hold and he knows it. In fact he knows that most of his holds are devastating… and to watch him confidently smile as he overpowers his foe is pretty cool. Though, Sebastian has put on some size and enjoys flexing his body over the Rebel at every chance he gets too... and he does. The Rebel is on a roll and he is just too much right now. Sebastian does put up a good fight, but the Rebel is just too much man… Very good muscle guy fight.

The Rebel begins with a front bearhug...

...and applies the pressure on Sébastien.

A headlock starts to wear the young wrestler down...

...and some face massage does seems to do the trick...

...but the wily Sébastien reverses and starts...

...his barrage on our heel.

Here he grimaces in pain...

...but Sébastien enjoys his romp with...

...his new found 'playmate'.

Sébastien adds insult to injury by pulling the Rebel's trunks not once...


...bit twice...has the Rebel met his match?? I don't think so...but this turned out to be a tougher match than our newest heel had planned for.

Sébastien in total control???