PWP Wrestling Presents


The Matches 

 Match  1

Mike vs the Rebel

 Match  2

the Rebel vs Sébastien

 Match 3

Mike Manson vs Simon

 Match  4

the Rebel vs Simon

 Match 5

Mike Manson vs Sébastien

 Round Robin


 Dan(PWP) invited Mike Manson from 'In the Ring...' to 'teach' some of his boys a lesson or two about pro-wrestling. The Rebel, Sébastien and Simon (a new find) gathered at 'the Locker-Room' to see this tough-guy called Mike Manson.

All the boys stayed around during the matches to see what punishment Mike could take! To Dan's surprise, his boys had a lesson or two to teach Mike..And in the final round robin surprise, Bad Boy jumps in to help his tag team partner who is being double-teamed. But the Rebel takes offense...what a surprise finish to this 2 hour, 6 matches tape!

Will the Rebel and Bad Boy (his mentor) continue as a tag team or has the Rebel become too cockey for anyone?

This is truly one of the best wrestling tape around. These guys look fantastic...Rebel demolished all of these hunks, flexing over their devastated bodies telling them to get up for some more. AWESOME!!!

The Wrestlers 


Mike Manson from 'In the Ring..' 


the Rebel





Special guest appearance


'Bad Boy' Yves

Preview Shots

The Rebel enjoys choking Mike with his own belt during Match #1!

The Rebel gets ready to put Sébastien to sleep at the end of Match #2

The Rebel has Simon, the poor youngster, trapped in a punishing headscissors in Match #4

DVD - $44.00