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The Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

 Match #2


vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #3

Bad Boy

vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #4

The Rebel

vs Brandon

 Match #5

Tag Team Match

Match #5

Tag Team Match

'The Sex Machine' Big Boy and Brandon vs the Rebel and the Scottish Cowboy

This tagteam match-up has the 'SexMachine', Brandon and Bad Boy, taking on the Rebel and the Scottish Cowboy. Brandon (sculpted bodybuilder physique). Bad Boy (big, muscular, and mean). The Rebel (beautifully built mega-hunk). And the Scottish Cowboy (newcomer, who's build rivals any of the other guys). This has got to be a great match. Throughout, these hunks double team eachother with combination holds, really working eachother over, with the Rebel and the Cowboy keeping up their momentum on their bigger opponents. It isn't until Big Boy and Brandon get their 'SexMachine' on the Rebel that the balance changes and the Rebel admits defeat. Although it doesn't stop there… the Scottish Cowboy is yanked into it, and with Brandon on the Rebel and Big Boy mauling the Cowboy, they suffer in seemingly endless bearhugging, nelsons, and sleepers. What a Rebellion for our poor Rebel, as he is out-muscled and beaten over and over again by Bad Boy and Brandon throughout this tape. Can this be the end to an era?? We'll see. Great tape with 4 PWP mega-hunks and loads of action.

The Sex Machine have The Rebel exactly where they want him..

...then they proceed to dish out some claw punishment to The Cowboy ....

...but The Cowboy delivers a low blow

..This gives The Rebel an opportunity to do a little pay back to the Bad One.

...The The Cowboy seems to enjoy giving the Bad One a wedgie..

...then both wrestlers proceed to humiliate the Bad One..

But Brandon won't stand idly he puts the Cowboy in a full nelson..look at the Cowboy suffer.

...but The Rebel comes to the rescue...

but the Rebel is no match for Brandon as the grimace on his face reveals..

...then it is all over for both wrestlers as the double sleeper will knock you out!