PWP Wrestling presents


The Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

 Match #2


vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #3

Bad Boy

vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #4

The Rebel

vs Brandon

 Match #5

Tag Team Match

Match #2

Brandon vs The Scottish Cowboy

This is the Scottish Cowboys first match. He comes to PWP with a solid, nicely muscled body (big arms and shoulders) and enough wrestling skill to take on big vets like the great Brandon. Brandon, again, looks amazing. Body building competition physique. In the early going, the action is great, as the SC pits his strength in hard holds and does well. Brandon sees that he has underjudged the new guy and kicks it up a notch. Both hunks let out screams of pain in painfully held Boston crabs, nelsons, armbars, sleepers, scissors, big side headlocks, tests of strength, and bearhugs. The Scottish Cowboy shows no concern for his opponent's track record, skill or big physique, and gives Brandon a solid match-up. You have to see Brandon's ab claw on the SC… Brandon's whole body straining and flexing to hold it on… and the SC's muscles straining to break the hold. The hold is devastating. It slows the big rookie down enough to take control. The Scottish Cowboy is shaken enough by the ab claw, that he's now easy prey for Brandon. The SC has no strength left in him and can't shake Brandon's powerful 'chin to chest' nelson. A long sleeper finally topples this new tough guy who gives big Brandon a solid match-up. BUT, not satisfied with his victory, Brandon returns to the SC, as he lay facedown on the mat, and delivers some kicks, followed by some more of his painful clawing, this time to the back. And once again Brandon returns to carry his beaten muscled foe (who was crawling back to the lockerroom) back to the mat to deliver another nelson that is harder than the first and strong enough to knock the SC out.

The Cowboy is a well-muscled athlete but Brandon gets an early advantage ...

...and The Cowboy soon finds out what its like to ber at the mercy of The Asian Assassin ....

...and a full nelson....

...but it isn't long before The Cowboy gets the upper hand...

...and gives the Brandon a powerful full nelson.

...and then proceeds to clamp on a sleeper.

But it isn't long before, the Cowboy suffers at the hands and arms of Brandon. he must endure Brandon's full nelson.

The Cowboy's head is neatly tucked between those powerful thighs.

Brandon's legs bend the Cowboy's head. How can he endure the pain?

The Scottish Cowboy reels under the pain of Brandon's Asian claw hold. ...

...and eventually puts the hapless victim to rest.