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The Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

 Match #2


vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #3

Bad Boy

vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #4

The Rebel

vs Brandon

 Match #5

Tag Team Match

Match #1

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

Another fine muscle match-up between these two studs. Both muscled up and ready to kick eachothers butts, they've gone toe to toe a few times and have a history of classic fights. The Rebel starts out strong scissoring his big opponent. Bad Boy then resorts to his 'Sex Machine' to slow down his strong foe. But the Rebel, not taking any crap, reverses the hard hold and comes back with a camel, surfboard and sideheadlock and staggers the big guy. Bad Boy has to do something, so low blows the hunk and the throws one of his big boston crabs on him, and then works over the Rebels legs with a series of legbars and anklelocks. Resorting to Bad Boys tactics, the Rebel low blows him and then starts his assault. The FANTASTIC action in this match-up is great to watch, going back and forth with lots of technical moves, that show off these guys awesome physiques… and lots of moves like choking, hits to the crotch, slaps to the pecs, wedgies, gut punching, Bad Boy finally escapes a long headscissors and surprises the Rebel with another 'Sex Machine' that he can't shake… the Rebel yells "I Give Up!!!". But that's not all for the Rebel. Lying in pain after the match, Bad Boy returns to pound on his fallen foe some more. It's not over until the Rebel goes out in a sleeper.

A solid way to start out a solid tape. Bad Boy flexing over the Rebels fallen musclebod. Truly magnificent.

The Rebel gets an early advantage ...

...with a close-up and ....

...a painful arm stretch... punishing headlock.

...The bad One hits The Rebel with a low blow..

...tand proceeds to stretch him from limb to limb

The Rebel looks satisfied after delivering his own low blow

...and punishes the big man with a crushing bear hug.

Another head scissors....but

...the Bad One is able to put his finishing hold on The Rebel.

More punishment and then is bed time forThe Rebel.

Watching The Rebel go to la-la-land is something to behold

...The Bad One adds some humiliation of his own to the one time Heel of PWP wrestling!