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The Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

 Match #2


vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #3

Bad Boy

vs Scottish Cowboy

 Match #4

The Rebel

vs Brandon

 Match #5

Tag Team Match

Match #3

Bad Boy vs The Scottish Cowboy

You know this one will be great. These two are eager to go at it, both carrying fantastic builds and killer good looks. Bad Boy is looking huge. The SC may not be as big as the Bad One, but he is as confident and aggressive. BB starts out giving the SC a preview of what he can offer, including the 'Sex Machine'. Bad Boy proving himself with hold after hold until the SC gets his game together. The SC slows down the big guy with scissors, armbars, toe holds, lots of headlocks combination holds (scissors/toehold, scissors/armbar) and unloads on him with choking, elbow smashes, gut punches, face punches, gauging and has Bad Boy almost worn down. When it looks as if BB is getting it together, the SC low blows him, drops a knee down on BB's glutes, and then makes him scream in pain in a big surfboard. Things are looking tough for the Bad One. But BB's next 'Sex Machine' is successful, and he follows it up with a staggering full nelson, and then he wraps his big bicep around the SC's neck and sleepers his tough opponent out. Two tough worthy opponents that give it their all in this great matchup.

One of Bad Boy's best fights to watch. Not often do you see another guy be so dominating with him. Enjoy.

Bad Boy gets an early advantage ...Here he tries to smother the Cowboy.

...then he clamps on an arm bar and ....

...The bad One has The Cowboy down and makes him suffer!

...but it isn't long before The Cowboy gets the upper hand with a head lock...

...and gives the Bad One a smell of his arm pit...

...but The Bad One shows his prowess and clamps on a tight head scissors.

Then he rubs The Cowboy's face over the mat...

...and makes him suffer in this head matter what The Cowboy does, he can't break free from the vice-like grip.

Before The Bad One finishes off the Cowboy, he makes him suffer some more with a painful full nelson

...and soon afterward, The Cowboy falls prey to the power of the Bad Boy's sleeper.