PWP Wrestling presents

 Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling #1

the Matches 

 Match #1

Custom Made Stud vs Marc Marre

 Match #2

Alex vs Custom Made Stud and Marc Marre

Match #3

Alex vs Marc Marre and Custom Made Stud 

Match #4

Pat vs Matt 

Match #5

Sean vs Dan

Match #6

Pat and Dan vs Matt and Sean


Match #5

Dan vs Sean


'Dangerous' Dan shows how he got his name as he applies a little face massage to Sean.

Sean, no slouch to pro wrestling, reverses the tables on Dan.


Dan is built like a brick and soon overpowers Sean. Once under his power, Dan's own version of the claw has Sean withering in pain.


The barrage continues as Dan's powerful legs head scissors the hapless studpuppy.


With the help of his 'partner' Matt, Dan faces the wrath of Sean. Chocking and other illegal moves are all part of Sean's arsenal of pro wrestling moves.


Two against one is too much for our 'Dangerous' Dan. He too suffers defeat at the hands of the two studpuppys. Will there be retribution for their foul deeds???