PWP Wrestling presents

 Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling #1

the Matches 

 Match #1

Custom Made Stud vs Marc Marre

 Match #2

Alex vs Custom Made Stud and Marc Marre

Match #3

Alex vs Marc Marre and Custom Made Stud 

Match #4

Pat vs Matt 

Match #5

Sean vs Dan

Match #6

Pat and Dan vs Matt and Sean


Match #6

Pat & Dan vs Matt & Sean


The match begins with the two studpuppys getting their fair share of punishment.


Both Dan and Pat take turns dishing out some discipline of their own.


At every opportunity, the two studpuppys double team Pat. Its almost as if they are out to totally humilate him.


Pat relishes this bear hug on poor defenseless Matt.


 Matt has Dan where he wants him..but for how long??


 Dan side headlocks Matt who suffers the squeeze from Dan's massive arms as he is dragged around the mat floor.


 It is time to put the two studpuppys in la la land...


 ...and to see these two suffer and slowly go to sleep is a rare sight to behold