PWP Wrestling presents

 Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling #1

the Matches 

 Match #1

Custom Made Stud vs Marc Marre

 Match #2

Alex vs Custom Made Stud and Marc Marre

Match #3

Alex vs Marc Marre and Custom Made Stud 

Match #4

Pat vs Matt 

Match #5

Sean vs Dan

Match #6

Pat and Dan vs Matt and Sean


Match #4

Pat vs Matt

 'Punishing' Pat takes on the smaller Matt who soon learns a lesson or two in pro wrestling.


Pat loves to torture his victims and his claw hold is only one of many in his vast repertoire.


Matt is helpless as Pat continues his take-over of the hapless studpuppy.


Pat's crushing headlocks are legend.


Matt's 'partner' Sean come to the rescue of his studpuppy friend. Both wrestlers beat-up on Pat and humilate him in front of the camera.


 Pat lays lifeless on the mat floor as the two studpuppys relish in their victory!